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Working For You

Welcome to our Import & Export service, dedicated to bringing the finest pre-owned Japanese and European vehicles, heavy machinery, and other quality goods
from Japan to Cyprus.

Our business is rooted in a deep appreciation and respect for the richness of Japanese culture. We do more than just transport items; we are committed to delivering a slice of Japan to your doorstep,

ensuring customer satisfaction is at the heart of what we do.

Beyond vehicles and machinery, our service is flexible to cater to your specific needs for other Japanese products. Furthermore, we offer assistance in exporting your goods to the Japanese market.

For more detailed information and to explore how we can meet your import-export needs with Japanese excellence, feel free to contact us.

How We Work

Step 1: Personalized Consultation

Embark on your car-importing journey with a personalized consultation at Ptochopoulos Trade Imports & Exports.

We will attentively listen to your needs and preferences, and provide tailored recommendations.

Step 2: Secure and Hassle-Free Payment

Once you've choosen the car that aligns with your needs, we guide you through the payment process, providing all necessary details. Our commitment is to ensure a smooth transaction, allowing you to finalize your purchase with confidence.

Step 3: Quality Assurance and Delivery

With the payment completed, we handle the export certification process. Once certified, your car or other quality goods are shipped from Japan to Cyprus, where we manage the registration process and arrange for the secure delivery to your desired location.


I bought my last car from Ptochopoulos Trade Imports and I‘m very happy and satisfied. The car is in best condition! The transport, import and the whole registration process was taken over so I didn’t had to worry about anything!
I can absolutely recommend this company with a clear conscience. 🙏

Polichronis K.

Nikolas and his services are a game changer! He helped me find a suitable car for my needs and on my budget.
The process was smooth, from placing a deposit, purchasing a car, and shipping it to Cyprus.
I couldn't believe that such services existed, and I definitely recommend to anyone!

Nicolas Savva

Amongst the car dealers in Cyprus, he was the one to earn our trust.
Nicolas provided us with quality cars at the best prices.

Kerrys Car Rentals

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